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Human behavior is complex and hardly rational. We’ve taken care of that: Our services and digital products are built around scientific behavior and measurement models.

The Values Compass

The Behavior Map

The Mindset Inventory

Inclusive Belonging

The Growth Model

The Ethical Maturity Cycle

Build Meaning, Connection, Impact

We help teams and leaders develop deep shared meaning, create impactful connections, and make a difference through their work.

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As a multi-functional platform, VBS meets a wide spectrum of needs, from inclusion to ethical resilience, to purpose activation, to high-quality collaboration, to self-development. The possibilities are infinite.

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Have you ever stopped to figure out what you ultimately value and why you always do things in the same way? My VBS is the self-discovery tool to answer those questions and find your purpose.


What you value is what you give priority. Your values shape what drives you.


How you move toward your priorities is not just a matter of personality but adaptive behaviors–the responses you associate with success, results, collaboration, etc.


Some situations leave you indifferent, some trigger you. How you respond to challenges depends on the context, too.

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One way to get started with Be Thread is to try one of our workshops. Whether your priority is purpose, belonging, ethical resilience, trust, or engagement, we can provide the right starter experience. When we leave, you can continue making progress with VBS.

The Growth Shaper

Developing a growth mindset; aligning purpose and strategy

The Trust Builder

Delving into what drives trust and creating a shared script

The Ethical Aligner

Understanding conduct risk; managing its blind spots

The Meaning Mapper

Aligning personal and organization's purpose