Transform work

Ignite Growth

Start your journey of transformative growth. Tailor our approach to your needs and unlock the future of work.

Set Purpose

Turn everyday work into a process of purpose-led change and transformation. 

Foster Belonging

Create a workplace where people experience belonging and high-quality relationships.

Build Ethical Maturity

Build ethical resilience, turn values into cultural practices, manage blind spots, foster ethical learning.

Enrich Work

Nurture work meaning, values alignment, employee trust and engagement.

We tap shared meaning to help you design your path to purpose – from needs and adaptive behaviors to transformative growth practices.




We measure behavioral risk, turn values into cultural practices, offer state-of-the-art education, and provide the digital tools for everyday ethical learning.





We assess where the workplace culture includes and excludes. We design practices that help people foster belonging. We provide the tools for self-awareness, high-quality relationships, and continuous learning.



We strengthen work culture and processes, actioning the changes needed for optimal growth - from trust to work meaning, voice, psychological safety, and fairness. And more.

VBS - Growth at Your Fingertip

A desktop/mobile app that enriches everyday work with purpose, meaning, inclusion, awareness, and experiential learning.













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More and more organizations are cutting middle management, in part to reduce costs in part due to the realization that employees no longer need close supervision. But companies must also take steps to create a more mature management approach. To do so, they must focus on three challenges: 1. How to recast the manager role; 2. How to position senior leadership in a flatter structure; 3. How to shape ownership at work... More

Caterina Bulgarella, Ph.D.

Entrepreuneur, culture architect, ethics expert, behavioral scientist, metrics geek, research lover, writer with a mission, storyteller, passionate speaker, educator.

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