Design for Transformative Growth


We design systems, processes, and practices that sustain human flourishing and performance in two important ways:


  • Integrating into the design those mechanisms that optimize human behavior and decision-making 
  • Connecting to the organization's purpose and strategy and a full actualization roadmap


Our design process follows agile sprints of prototyping and testing. All the while, we create meaning by helping stakeholders align around a shared vision.


Irrespective of the focus - meetings, rituals, different types of organization design, communication processes, human systems, artifacts (e.g., code of conduct), etc. - our approach is eminently cultural and growth-driven.

We link the design to the qualities and outcomes critical to the organization's culture to ensure optimization. As part of this process, we devise reliable and valid metrics to measure impact and evolution. Our process is flexible. We can take it over or support you as you drive it internally.

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