Develop New Capacities


While our education sessions jumpstart change, developing new capacities (e.g., growth mindset, purpose-led work, trust, ethical resilience, inclusiveness, authenticity, bias awareness, etc.) requires constant practice.

Our flagship digital app, Be Thread VBS, places individuals, teams, and the organization in a shared environment where a deeper transformation unfolds. Users tackle day-to-day work challenges while building and testing shared assumptions, high-quality bonds, more inclusive beliefs, common values, etc. The result is a heightened working awareness that unlocks transformative growth.


On VBS, each participant is an active culture orchestrator. Users test the relevance and impact of values in context. They explore norms, deconstruct bias, and create new shared meaning. These practices help build:

  • Authentic, high-quality relationships
  • Continuous learning
  • Optimal team alignment and collaboration
  • Bottom-up process syncing


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