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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, we help organizations and senior leaders address a wide range of challenges related to culture, ethics, and work.

    Yes, you certainly can. Some of our clients simply use our digital products. Others seek our consultative services. And others use a combination of the two.

    We offer a variety of bespoke sessions for teams, managers, and senior leaders. Our sessions are highly interactive but also grounded in scientific insights. We can tailor our content to your audience as needed.

    We can contribute to large and smaller events with a treasure trove of insights about culture, ethics, work, purpose, belonging, and more. Our perspective is science-driven and cutting-edge. Visit our Insights section to gain an idea.

    We use various methods to measure culture – from surveys to focus groups to performance data and other existing data. Our approach can be surgical or dig deeper into the challenges at hand. Depending on the type of culture we assess (e.g., ethical, work, belonging, etc.), we use different measurement models. Our instruments are based on behavioral science and offer the highest degree of reliability, insight, and precision.

    We run workshops and education sessions for a variety of audiences. We engage boards with insights about culture, ethics, and risk; senior leaders with insights about purpose, ethics, and culture; business leaders with insights about work, leadership development, and ethics; managers and employees with insights about ethics, belonging, work processes; and so on. Our sessions are interactive, can unfold virtually or in person, and are rife with awareness-raising learnings.

    VBS is an app that can be used by teams of any size, including the entire organization. Additionally, individuals or dyads can also use it for self-development purposes – for example, as part of leadership development processes. My VBS is a self-assessment that is run in combination with other processes (e.g., leadership development, purpose and work meaning  development, etc.).

    Pricing for our digital products is based on a monthly or yearly subscription and depends on group size. Please get in touch for more details.