Be Thread


Your Journey To Transformative Growth

The Science + Consciousness Approach to Culture


Turn everyday work into a journey of deeper change and transformation.


Create a culture of inclusive belonging and help people foster high-quality relationships.


Build ethical resilience; turn values into cultural practices; manage conduct blind spots.


Implement the changes that will help your workforce align, engage, and grow in transformative ways.

Start Your Journey

Tailored to your needs and evolutionary process.

Set Purpose

We tap human potential and shared meaning to help you design your path to growth–from needs and adaptive behaviors to transformative growth practices.


Foster Inclusive Belonging

We diagnose how your organization’s culture includes and excludes and where belonging must evolve. We design practices that help people foster inclusiveness. We provide the tools for self-awareness, high-quality relationships, and continuous learning.

Build Ethical Resilience

We measures conduct risk and ethical resilience, turn values into cultural practices, offer state-of-the-art education on how to manage conduct risk, and provide the digital tools to inject ethical awareness and learning into everyday work.


Enrich Work

We dig into your work culture and processes, unearthing the changes and recalibrations needed for optimal growth. We help you build trust, meaning, voice, psychological safety, and fairness.

VBS - Growth at Your Fingertip

An app for transformative growth where everyday collaboration gets enriched with purpose, meaning, inclusion, awareness, and tools for all-around productivity.

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