Our tools foster behavior change

Unlike traditional tests or platforms, Be Thread's tools place users in an immersive experience geared toward behavior change. Users gain insights about themselves and others that they can immediately turn into new practices. Our psychological paradigm is based on behavioral science. Our methodology aims at unearthing the frames, motivations, and habits of individuals and teams.

Culture Journey​

Know Your Organization

Understand what is truly valued in your organization, how people respond to different situations, and how the current culture is shaping growth.

The Space Journey​​

Know Thyself

Gain insights into people's motivations, behavioral styles, and key beliefs, as well as how they lead and how they compare to the rest of the team.

VBS Dashboard​​

Transform yourself and your team

Think "Asana" for team dynamics. Teams and individuals set goals for how they want to work, check in regularly and monitor progress via charts and chats. This is the ultimate tool to build new habits.


Our workshops spark insight

The deep change Be Thread enables is best achieved with a combination of digital tools and live learning. Our workshops create a space to reflect, suspend judgement, and take perspective. From purpose to belonging, to ethical maturity, to trust and collaboration, to leadership alignment, and more, our live learning engages participants in a process of genuine reflection and renewal. Below is a sample.

The Instiller
Create work meaning

For organizations seeking to…

  • Help people connect with their strengths and growth potential
  • Foster and sustain employee engagement
  • Identify growth opportunities that fit people’s deeper aspirations

Key benefits

  • Achieve flow and purpose at work
  • Re-envision the meaning of work
  • Increase personal impact and self-efficacy
The Developer
Build leadership capacities
For leaders seeking to develop…
  • Deep awareness of their ‘hidden’ strengths, what gives them purpose, and the blind spots that limit their effectiveness
  • Ability to better influence their team’s growth
  • An evolutionary path to work on conflicting needs and priorities vis-à-vis key pressure points
Key benefits
  • Understand key inner dynamics
  • Develop the ability to connect internal and external ‘systems’
  • Form practices to reframe unhelpful beliefs and redirect behavior toward routines consistent with the team’s potential for growth
The Growth Shaper
Accelerate growth with purpose
For senior leadership teams seeking to...
  • Link strategy/business to culture and purpose
  • Put  the organization on a path of unstoppable growth
  • Get hold of mindsets that prevent growth
Key benefits
  • Connect culture and purpose to growth
  • Form a deeper alignment across senior leaders based on personal priorities and goals
  • Develop a shared practice for continued learning and evolution
The Social Fabric Maker 
Foster inclusive belonging

For teams and organizations seeking to…

  • Go beyond traditional D&I efforts to create a genuine sense of belonging and inclusion
  • Integrate and leverage differences to achieve continuous learning and growth
  • Avoid a culture built on status and exclusion
Key benefits
  • Ensure understanding of those biases that create stereotype and assimilation
  • Foster working awareness of how personal values can exclude others and others’ values
  • Develop proactive practices for inclusive belonging at the team level and beyond
The Ethical Balancer
Cultivate ethical maturity

For senior and less senior teams who…

  • Need deep understanding of those blind spots that create conduct risk
  • Seek to develop ethical maturity and strong decision-making capacities
  • Work in complex environments and constantly face high pressure
Key benefits
  • Understand how blind spots affect decision-making
  • Become aware of how personal and team’s needs/values may strengthen certain biases
  • Form practices to reduce conduct risk and increase the quality of decision-making
The Trust Builder
Sync self and team
For teams seeking to…
  • Deepen trust and alignment
  • Create robust coordinates for self-management in settings with loose work structure
  • Increase individual and team performance
Key benefits
  • Understand differences in individual motives and styles
  • Create shared vocabulary and meaning around key work practices
  • Reframe work processes based on shared definitions and track progress


Our frames are science-driven

Organizational change thrives when it avails itself of the right diagnostics and system-design approach. At Be Thread, we drive change with proprietary science-driven frames like the Growth Model, the Four Pillars of Belonging, the Meaning Spiral, the Values Hierarchy, and the Ethical Maturity Curve.

For organizations seeking to re-design systems or programs
  • We apply powerful frames to identify the root causes of what prevents growth
  • We create a detailed roadmap of the changes needed to enable progress
  • We design the desired programs, processes, and/or systems using behavioral science principles, deep insights, and our proprietary methods
What it looks like
  • Assess and measure
  • Design and pilot
  • Scale and measure again