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Unlock Transformative Purpose

Aim high

Uncover purpose

We approach purpose discovery by tailoring our models and methods to the needs and realities of your organization. It doesn’t matter if your business makes life-saving software or toilet paper. All organizations have evolutionary potential to realize. It is that potential we help you unearth. Through data, employee and customer insights, and senior leadership visioning, we uncover purpose as the point of convergence across needs, mindsets, and actors.

Thread it together

Activate growth

Activating purpose means linking it to all parts of your business—strategy, work, and ecosystem. We help your organization find the nexus and opportunities for impact within each realm, translate them into a plan, and empower actors to make a difference. How do we do it? We map your business’ inward/outward trajectory, assess what stakeholders value, shed light on the journey employees seek, and identify the cultural roadblocks that stop growth.

Remain open

Change mindset

Purpose requires a growth mindset. We work with managers and senior leaders to activate that mindset and help them drive impact. Our learning sessions take into account who the audience is and what they need to accomplish—from strategic alignment across senior leaders to leadership growth among middle managers. Using insights, practice, and experiential learning, we empower change, generative learning, and creative visioning.


Transform everyday work

To matter and make a difference, purpose must be at the core of what is done. VBS, our digital platform, allows employees, teams, and leaders to focus on work keeping purpose front and center. On VBS, team members have multiple opportunities to reflect on why what they do matters and how they can drive impact. As a result, not only does routine work become inherently meaningful, but the collaborations more profound.

Foster Inclusive Belonging


Measure belonging

Belonging requires constant understanding of the behaviors and habits that exclude. Using our model of inclusive belonging, we unearth the norms and beliefs that make the organization’s culture exclusionary. We pair this assessment with an analysis of the experience of intersectional minorities to understand the ways prejudice camouflages and becomes normalized. Integrating these various insights, we create a roadmap of the changes needed for belonging to evolve and expand to all employees in the organization.


Make teams and work inclusive

Leveraging the insights from our inclusive belonging measurement and the resulting roadmap, we help you redesign work, team, and meeting practices so that they can provide a genuinely inclusive experience to all employees. We use a human-centered, multi-stakeholder design approach. Our method entails experimentally testing an initial solution and then progressively perfecting it. Through this iterative process, practices continue to adapt and evolve, remaining open to new feedback and learning.


Foster self-awareness

A culture of inclusive belonging hinges on self-awareness. Understanding how bias works means learning about the various ways in which we may unwittingly contribute to systemic differences. Be Thread offers bespoke learning sessions for employees and leaders. This experiential learning focuses on how bias infiltrates daily work interactions and is designed to create invaluable ‘aha’ moments. As a result, participants gain the necessary awareness to envision and practice the small changes they can make to create an inclusive climate.

Weave in

Practice inclusiveness

The practice that stands above all others when it comes to fostering inclusive belonging is high-quality collaboration. VBS, our flagship app, helps teams engage in high-quality collaborative interactions. As part of their VBS practices, teammates create shared meaning, reflect on common experiences, and adapt their behaviors. These high-quality connections shape a climate of inclusive belonging. Moreover,  on VBS ERGs can empower their members to contribute and share in unique and invaluable ways.

Build Ethical Resilience


Measure the ethical culture

People aspire to be ethical, but ethical behavior and decision-making are complex. Context matters: Only when employees operate in an environment that fosters ethical maturity does their ethical decision-making evolve. At Be Thread, we assess context (i.e., ethical culture) using a science-driven approach that focuses on the drivers and outcomes that matter the most. Our methods are tailored to your organization’s needs and requirements. And they deliver insights that take your ethics and compliance program to a new strategic level. 


Design values and code

Values, not rules, shape your organization’s ethical culture.  We help you identify the values blueprint that is true to what your organization values. Then, we translate that blueprint into a culture manifesto. Our design approach, which applies scientific frames to employee insights, integrates the dilemmas people face daily at work. As part of this work, we can help you design your code of conduct not only to ensure clear ethical guidance, but to prevent employees from engaging in common rationalizations and high-risk behavior.


Equip critical groups

You must check the box and train your workforce at scale. But consider supplementing that training with insightful education for those  groups that are most at risk—the people in your organization who are constantly under pressure or face the most challenging decisions. We can engage them with thoughtful bespoke sessions that translate powerful insights from science into actionable resources. The result is an empowered group of decision-makers with dramatically improved self-awareness and behavioral literacy.


Enable ethical maturity

Your compliance program has a profound impact when ethics becomes embedded in people’s daily work. Our flagship app, VBS, offers the context for ethically mindful work practices. On VBS, employees embed values in their work, while managers shape their teams’ ethical culture with reminders and examples of the principles your organization champions. By encouraging reflection, dialogue, and applied learning, VBS empowers your workforce with continued ethical awareness and focus.

Enrich Work

Dig deeper

Assess the work culture

Your organization’s work culture is 80% responsible for whether employees are engaged or disengaged. If you’ve addressed pay, career growth, and other basics, but people are still dissatisfied and restless, you must focus on the root causes. Be Thread’s measurement process dissects the work culture using pre-existing data, inquiries, surveys, performance data, and other methods. Our insights reveal what processes need calibration and what employees truly seek.


Calibrate processes and systems

We analyze and redesign processes and systems to optimize their impact (e.g., how work is organized, performance evaluation, onboarding, information sharing, feedback, innovation, delegation, meetings, employee recognition, etc.). Our approach is based on behavioral science and is tailored to your organization’s culture and business. Our fast-prototyping, human-centered, experimental method maximizes adaptive change.


Link individual and organization

We link organization’s and person’s purpose by helping people understand what script drives them: the wants and needs that trigger dissatisfaction, the habits that limit their possibilities, etc. In our “growth coaching” sessions, participants use insights from My VBS, Be Thread’s self-assessment, to gain awareness of their internal narrative. Equipped with this understanding, they start integrating competing needs, relinquishing ineffective behaviors, and reframing situational triggers. It’s within this context that a deeper alignment with work is achieved.

Bind together

Enrich daily collaboration

Using VBS—Be Thread’s app for collaborative work—employees can enrich all aspects of their work. The practices that VBS enables—from defining the meaning of projects to deepening them with the contributions of team members—lead to continuous growth. Employees learn about themselves and each other. They start seeing new ways in which their contributions impact peers and customers. They build new norms together. They engage in a journey of shared growth that integrates different needs and priorities.

Lead with Authenticity

Start your journey

Set your internal compass

Leadership is an inward journey that entails self-awareness and continuous growth. Using My VBS insights, we help leaders connect with their inner core. This self-learning involves understanding what one values, their key behaviors, and situational responses. After completing the My VBS assessment, leaders work with a coach to create a roadmap for their leadership journey. This self-envisioned narrative reflects what is important to them, including their leadership potential and the possibilities they ignore or fear.

Venture out

Work on your blind spots

Drilling into one’s leadership journey means unearthing specific blind spots and reframing them. At Be Thread, we help leaders understand how certain and mindsets limit them. Using the Mindset Inventory, leaders reflect on specific mental habits and how these may affect the challenges they face in their current roles. First, they reflect on how certain perceptions can be dysfunctional and limiting. Then, with the help of a coach, they find new threads of meaning to recalibrate the cognitive and affective components that behold them. 

Align potential

Create a shared script

We help leaders sync their script to their team’s. Using the insights My VBS generates for each participant, we help the leader and other team members integrate the differences in how they interpret and use key norms (e.g., accountability, collaboration, etc.). In our alignment sessions, participants create a shared script that integrates the unique meaning each team member gives to the norm/s under scrutiny. Unlike traditional team-building exercises, these experiences have a long-lasting effect on team effectiveness.


Increase your leadership impact

Leaders can maximize their impact using VBS. By engaging with their teams on VBS, they can gain awareness of emerging needs, potential misalignment areas, neglected priorities, lack of shared meaning, and other issues. Simultaneously, they can reinforce the goals and norms that matter, improve the work climate, and create a sense of shared purpose. On VBS, leaders can also set up their self-development journey. For example, they can use the app to keep track of milestones and practices they need to move toward.