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Purpose-Driven Companies Evolve Faster Than Others

Purpose does more than make a brand unique. It can shine a light on a business’ evolutionary path. Purpose can simply express what an organization aspires to be and do or it can be used to... Read More

The NBA's Leadership On Social Justice Offers A Roadmap To Change The Status Quo

When the NBA and its players’ union recently agreed on a simple set of actions to advance the cause of social justice, they showed that, in the face of deeply painful systemic challenges, evolved leadership can make a difference. Read More

Power Can Make Or Break A Leader's Ability To Lead

How leaders relate to power, and their beliefs about effective leadership, are two hidden factors that shape their ability to guide business through change and continued growth. Read More

Mirage Or Vision? Four Blind Spots At The Core Of Theranos' Failure

The parable of Theranos is not an unfamiliar one. It involves a cautionary tale of boundless visioning that all investors and organizations seeking breakthrough innovations should be interested in understanding. Read More

Why Values And Purpose Create Ethical Debt

Far from being a piece of ethical insurance, purposes should be treated as an additional ethical responsibility. This means that the ethical challenges, goals and commitments of an organization become all the more multi-layered when an inspiring purpose is endorsed. Read More

Caterina Bulgarella​, Ph.D.

Culture & Leadership Strategy

Caterina Bulgarella is a Be Thread co-founder and the firm's managing director. She helps organizations achieve the transformative change she tackles in her writing and talks.

From Exceptionalism To Unrest: Why Google's Culture Is Changing

Is Google on the cusp of a significant cultural change? Known for its keen eye to workplace issues, over the past two years the tech giant has seen its status as one of the top cultures in the tech sector slowly erode despite its long-standing commitment to building the ultimate workplace. Read More

Three Reasons Why Diverse Teams Outperform Homogeneous Teams

Diversity and Inclusion is the conduit of high team IQ. Just as individuals have IQ's, teams also have an IQ. Read More

Learning, Empathy, And Diversity Have Put Microsoft On A Path Of Unstoppable Growth

The fact that Microsoft has focused on capacities that are highly instrumental to its new strategy shows it is not simply building a nice culture, but one geared towards business growth. Read More

Five Leadership Priorities for 2020 - And Beyond

Leadership in the new decade will require the courage of bringing problems worthy of collective action to the forefront and recognizing that coalitions of diverse stakeholders will be needed to arrive at the right solutions. Read More

From Being Purpose-Led To Fostering A Toxic Culture

At Away, employees may have faced nightmarish scenarios not because their employer lacked a strong corporate persona, but as a result of it. Read More